Virtual Travel Experiences for the Pandemic

virtual travel experiences

The pandemic may have limited travel, but that doesn’t mean you and your family still can’t enjoy discovering new cultures, ways of life, and some of the adventure that comes with exploring this beautiful world of ours.

Thanks to technology, you can take a virtual trip on your smartphone or laptop and experience new places without leaving your home.

My 6 favourite virtual travel experiences are outlined below. Give them a go and let me know what you think.

Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteering is a great way to not only experience new cultures and ways of life but to also give back. From volunteering in your local communities to volunteering around the world, there are all sorts of things to get involved in.

For those looking for a true adventure, I would recommend the Think Pacific virtual internship and volunteering experience. It is rated very highly and allows you to work directly with organisations such as the UN Fijian government and grassroots businesses. Whether you are a student or career breaker, it provides a unique glimpse into Fijian life and something that is well worth doing.

Virtual Museums

Lots of museums have been offering free admission during the pandemic full virtual tools. Using 360 degree cameras these tools allow you to navigate the museums and experience them as if you were there in real life.

From the Natural History Museum in London to the Guggenheim Museum in New York, there is a museum for everyone. To find something suitable for you and your family, try searching for museums online and finding which ones are offering virtual tours.

The British Museum located in London currently offers a virtual tour which delves into the rich history of Britain and Europe. For any history buffs, this is a must.

Similarly, the Louvre in Paris, the world’s most visited museum (home to iconic paintings like the Mona Lisa), has put its whole collection online for you to enjoy remotely.

Virtual Wildlife Tours

Zoos and wildlife parks offer such a unique and memorable experience, especially for young children. Unfortunately the pandemic has seen many of these temporarily close to the public. Virtual wildlife tools allows your family too see and experience exotic wildlife and learn about the animal Kingdom.

There are lots of zoo’s offering animal cams so you can see the animals 24/7.

Places like the the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden started offering dedicated online safaris which are well worth joining. Or log in with Tembe Elephant Park to watch African elephants enjoy a morning bath!

Virtual National Parks

Although nothing beats visiting a National Park, virtual tours of these incredible places is the next best thing. If you ever wanted to see the Grand Canyon, the great barrier reef, or the Lake District, a virtual tour is well worth considering. Thanks to HD cameras and expert guidance, not only can you see such wonderful places but you can also learn so much.

I’ve been hooked on these virtual national park tours and spent many hours exploring places all over the world. This may be a great exercise to do so you can learn what places you work you want to visit next, when the pandemic is over.

If you’ve never fancied scuba diving, these tours can also offer you the chance to see turtles, sharks and other underwater wildlife up close.

Guided City Tours

One of the biggest visible impacts of the pandemic is the quietness of cities and towns. These places are usually bustling with people, activities and an energy that is like no other. If you are visiting any city in the world, it is usually possible to join a guided tour so you can learn more about the region as well as see all the local sites.

Many cities around the world are currently offering online guided tours so you can experience everything the area has to offer, without leaving your home. Discover the best places to eat, the history, and culture, so you can better plan a trip there in real-life in the future.

Eat Like a Local

Trying local cuisine is such a fundamental part of travel. Using resource is like YouTube and food bloggers means there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy delicious food from all over the world at home.

Buy in the ingredients, follow a recipe, turn off the tech, and enjoy a family meal as if you were on vacation.